Seven elements that affect
the cost of an architectural 3D visualization

wizualizacja 3d budynku architektonicznego

Most developers and architects use 3D visualization so that their clients can see what the project will look like after its completion. There is no doubt that photorealistic photos of investments are an excellent marketing and sales tool. They also allow you to avoid errors during the design. However, customers are particularly interested in one issue – how much will it cost?

The cost of 3D visualization varies depending on the size of the property, the level of complexity, or customer requirements for further graphics use. To explain how much 3D visualization is worth, let’s look at what makes up the final service quote.

What affects the cost of 3D visualization?

Currently, 3D architectural visualizations are a popular tool used by architects, developers, and real estate brokers. Compared to hand-drawn sketches or technical designs that leave room for imagination, photorealistic visualization can easily present the creator’s idea and gain approval in the client or investor’s eyes.

Simultaneously, the initially unclear cost of 3D visualization may discourage you from deciding to commission this service. Below, we present 7 points that affect the price of visualization.

Technical factors

1. Scale and size of the project

Both the scale and size are of great importance when evaluating an architectural visualization. Buildings can have various shapes and sizes. Therefore each visualization poses a different challenge to graphics and requires specific solutions. The visualization can show a modern villa, a tall building, an entire housing estate, or a shopping mall. The height and area of the building affect the cost of implementation. The larger and taller the building, the more time the 3D designer will need to make the visualization, and thus the prices of its performance will increase.

2. Style

The photorealistic 3D visualization must be a true reflection of the project. The final photo is meant to reflect the details and style used in the design. Style is an important factor when evaluating architectural visualizations. Some styles have complex forms and many decorations, which makes modeling individual elements of the building very laborious. The modernist style will be less complicated than classicism or baroque, which require more time and effort on the part of 3D designers.

3. Environment

Creating the environment in which we will present the building is another element that affects the cost of visualization. There are three main types of environments in 3D visualizations:

  • Photo – is the cheapest way to present the area. It is also an excellent basis for demonstrating the effects before and after the project. In this type of environment, the visualized building is placed on a ready, real photo so that the recipient can get to know the context and the result of the project.
  • Ghost buildings – this intriguing name covers placing the visualized building surrounded by other objects made in low resolution (so-called low-poly). They introduce a very discreet environment into the project, in which no item distracts the recipient from the central element of the visualization. At the same time, they are quick and straightforward to make.
  • Photorealistic environment – this is the most common form of presenting high-class architectural designs. Of course, they are an addition to the primary building, but they introduce critical realism to the 3D visualization. Only graphics on which a fantastic landscape accompanies the presented building can cause the effect of delight in the audience.

The choice of the environment depends, of course, on the individual needs and preferences of the client. At Double Prism, we advise which type will be the most effective and work for a specific project.

Wizualizacja 3D tarasu wkomponowanego w zdjęcie


The cost of the visualization largely depends on the perspectives from which the graphic will present the building. Different points of view may arouse different emotions in the recipient. For some projects, it may be sufficient to present the building from only one perspective, while other properties should be presented from several angles, from a bird’s eye view or a human perspective, so that the 3D designer can reflect their depth beauty.

Wizualizacja 3D apartamentowców przy ulicy Polnej 1
3D visualization of a modern housing estate
Architektoniczna wizualizacja 3D nowoczesnego osiedla mieszkaniowego - apartamenty Polna 1
3D visualization of a modern housing estate

5. Post-production

In the post-production process, we bring out the depth and naturalness of the image. The weather, people, or additional elements, such as cars driving on the street, can affect the realism of 3D visualization. The image of people walking with a dog can give the graphic a sense of peace and belong to the presented situation. The degree of detail that we want to obtain also affects the price of the architectural visualization, but it is worth taking care of because it helps bring the project to life.

Other factors affecting the cost of 3D visualization

1. 3D designer skills

The implementation of a photorealistic architectural visualization requires time and effort on the part of the creator. Expertise obviously adds to the cost of the project. However, what is important – a qualified expert also ensures faster and timely work done professionally.

2. Software and technical infrastructure

The technical infrastructure, which is necessary to complete the project, also affects the visualization’s valuation. It consists of computer farms, software licenses, plug-ins for graphics programs. The graphic artist will involve the more elements of the technical facilities in implementing 3D visualization, the higher the costs of its implementation will be.


Rozmiar, styl, otoczenie, widoki i postprodukcja są głównymi czynnikami, jakie wpływają na ostateczny koszt wykonania wizualizacji 3D. Jeżeli nie jesteś pewny, jaka konfiguracja sprawdzi się w przypadku Twojej inwestycji – zapraszamy do kontaktu. Opowiemy kilka tajemnic i przedstawimy, w jaki sposób możemy wykonać dla Ciebie projekt, dostosowany do konkretnych wymagań, budżetu i czasu.

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