3D floor plan and its value for the real estate market

rzut 3D wizualizacja

When selling real estate, the agent’s goal is to persuade the buyer to buy and sign in the contract’s designated place. It doesn’t sound complicated, does it? Well, as any real estate seller will surely tell you, it’s not as easy as it might seem.

The real estate market is very competitive, and if you want to create an excellent offer that will be noticed by potential buyers, you need to research even the smallest detail. That is why real estate agencies often add 3D floor plans to their offer. What do they gain from this? You can read about it in the article below.

What exactly is a 3D floor plan?

The 3D floor plan shows a property modeled to scale and rendered in 3D. The graphic presents individual rooms and spaces on a given floor, along with furniture and equipment. More detailed projections can even show colors, textures, or finishes of particular elements of the rooms.

The 3D plan maximizes the listing quality as it presents the property in the best possible light.

The 3D projection enables the client to visualize the real estate, so he would like to see it. In other words, the 3D point shows the full potential of the property with a well-designed interior and furnishings.

Rzut 3d wystroju wnętrza restauracji kebab w nowoczesnym drewniano-metalowym stylu

Create engaging offers with 3D projections

The offer is gaining more attention

Photos grab viewers’ attention much more than descriptions. A beautifully rendered 3D real estate plan attracts buyers’ attention and engages them for a long time.

A 2013 study by Rightmove Group Ltd suggested that floor plans were the best form of property presentation, with more than a third of buyers feeling they probably wouldn’t even look at a real estate listing without a floor plan.

Professional photos

The photographs do not allow you to present the entire property or premises’ view but only present their fragments. With only photos available, it is difficult to show how individual rooms interact with each other.

The 3D projection is a clear visualization of the property, thanks to which the client can imagine the full layout of the rooms and their scale.

An offer containing a 3D projection is much more remembered by a potential customer, which gives the seller or intermediary an advantage over competing bids. Customers can see the location of each room and visualize the interior design without leaving their homes. Using the 3D projection, you can present the arrangement of doors and windows, terraces and balconies, and garden and small architecture elements.

Rzut 3D wizualizacji produktowej przedstawiający salę weselną z lotu ptaka

The buyer saves time

The floor plan of a home helps buyers decide which property they want to view. Thanks to this visualization, customers can obtain information about the layout of rooms and the spaces’ atmosphere without having to visit the property. Thus, people who take part in the presentation are already initially interested in buying it.

The transaction will be finalized much faster if the potential buyer will form a clear opinion about the property before the inspection. It is possible thanks to the presentation of individual stories through 3D projections.

The buyer makes informed decisions

3D house plans are one of the proven marketing methods that arouses interest in the real estate offer, and also gives potential buyers the information they need to make a purchase decision.

Detailed, high-resolution 3D floor plans have been proven to increase the sales potential of any property and speed up the completion of the purchase (compared to offers containing only 2D views).

The 3D floor plan can be placed on brochures, flyers, or banners in different locations so that potential customers can see that the property is for sale.

Customers more often pay attention to offers with a 3D projection

Home-seekers are much more likely to pay attention to real estate offers that include a 3D projection than those containing only photos. Such a visualization made on a scale with marked room dimensions is a reliable source of much important information about the client’s space.

Nothing makes selling more accessible than the clarity and transparency of the offer.

3D projections – value for developers, marketers, and real estate brokers

Today, most customers expect a 3D projection to be included in their online real estate listings. Some of the recipients will not even consider the offer in which the floor plans are not presented.

Don’t fall behind, and make sure your offer is as extensive as possible!

If you are trying to sell your property without a floor plan, you can put off many potential buyers! Why not use the services of professionals who will prepare 3D projections of the property and make your offer more attractive? Contact us today, and let’s get started!