Five ways to attract customers thanks to 3D visualizations

Wizualizacja architektoniczna 3D nowoczesnego budynku handlowego wraz z aranżacją otoczenia i parkinkiem

Five ways to attract customers thanks to 3D visualizations

Architectural marketing causes experts in this field to become opinion-forming, and some projects cannot occur without their involvement. Clever marketing makes customers feel proud when they indicate the company that did the task for them. How can 3D visualization help? We explain.

In the case of architectural companies, we talk about effective marketing when reputation comes before the name. The company does not have to convince customers to its services or take part in competitions. It is they who receive the offers of cooperation. At the heart of solid marketing in the architectural industry are high-quality 3D visualizations and animations. Discover five ways to strengthen your marketing campaign and attract customers with high-quality photos and animations.

1. Use 3D visualization on the website

There is no doubt that a website is a reliable internet marketing medium for architectural firms. What could be a better proof of having specialist knowledge and skills than photos of completed projects? It’s a good idea to put before and after pictures on the page to show how advanced your skills and experience are.

However, implementing an architectural design takes a long time and is not enough to regularly update the content. There is also the question of content that will never be published because there is no chance of getting photos? Lack of photos means no marketing content on the site. That is where 3D visualization comes in handy. Graphics can digitally recreate buildings. Photorealistic architectural pictures can bring an architectural office website to life. The image on the visualizations can be as interesting for the recipient as a professionally made photo.

What about the portfolio?

The portfolio is an architect’s showcase, which means that it only requires impeccable photos. Meanwhile, the building’s images to be posted on the website are not always of the best quality. Let’s imagine that a modern office building looks beautiful in daylight when the sun’s rays reflect from the windows. However, the weather has other plans for the photographer. In photos, the marketer or architect would have to postpone the session and share the images until the weather improves. The 3D visualization is resistant to weather conditions, and you can take a high-quality photorealistic photo at any time of the year, at any time.

2. Use 3D graphics on social media

Social media helps build a database of potential customers. They also allow you to attract potential employees. Sharing graphics in posts and their quality is of great importance for making your reach. As shown by statistics on Facebook, by 2021, most likely, 78% of data generated on mobile devices will come from posts that contain a video.

However, Facebook is not the only social networking site where architectural firms can use 3D visualizations and animations for marketing to attract customers. We also have YouTube, the most effective video marketing tool, or even Pinterest, where users are looking for inspiring images.

3D visualization helps professionals use the power of the available media. Architectural illustration helps businesses attract attention on Pinterest, while 3D animation does the same on YouTube. Both types of content are also great for Facebook or Instagram.

3. Use 3D visualization in the newsletter

Email marketing is aimed at people interested in architecture or architectural services. And what encourages newsletter readers to contact the company? Along with the text, clients need a clear demonstration of the architect’s mastery. 3D visualization fulfills this mission because it shows the designs in all their glory. A 3D graphic designer can find the most spectacular perspective, choose the season, weather, light sources that will only emphasize your project’s advantages and convince the audience to use your services.

4. Use 3D visualization at business fairs

The fair is perfect for marketing activities in many areas, and architectural services are no exception in this case. 3D visualizations, both on posters and the big screen, effectively draw attention to the exhibition stand – especially if it is an architectural 3D animation.

By arousing visitors’ interest, an architectural firm can present its designs with 3D images both outside and inside. That is the time to make contacts. Give each interested person a brochure richly illustrated with 3D graphics and will undoubtedly use your services if necessary.

5. Use 3D visualization on public speaking

Industry conferences are known in particular as network tools but can be part of a successful marketing campaign. After all, there are many potential customers in the audience. What’s more, speeches at such conferences can be shared later on social channels and thus attract Internet users’ attention while building your image of a professional and expert.

Another way to attract clients is to organize public lectures. Interacting with a broad audience can be difficult, but the effort pays off when customers ask for an architect’s calling card or line up to exchange contacts.

Whether it is a conference or a public lecture, 3D visualizations and animations help the architectural firm convincingly convey its ideas and value.

Why are we writing about it?

Our mission is not to provide companies with only nice graphics that please the eye. Our 3D visualizations and animations are effective marketing and sales tools. We want our actions to contribute to the achievement of the company’s business goals. If you are wondering how 3D visualizations can work in your case – please contact us. We will be happy to get to know your idea or project and convince others about it.

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