Packshot 3D – the highest quality of product rendering

packshot 3D which present male watch on the black background

When producers and distributors introduce a new product to the market, one of the ways to present its advantages is to commission a 3D packshot. This type of rendering will allow you to represent the goods on most sales platforms. At the same time, it will enable buyers to see the appearance and purpose of the product, influencing their purchasing decisions. For this reason, 3D packshots have become an irreplaceable marketing tool in the e-commerce industry. So what exactly are these high-quality renderings, and why should you use them? We check.

What is packshot 3D?

Packshot 3D is an ultra-realistic computer shot of the product. It allows for faithful reproduction of the goods and provides a higher rendering quality than a regular traditional photo. The significant advantage of 3D packshots is that they will enable you to “take a picture” of products virtually, without taking them to the photographer. Everything is done remotely. The final rendering can be more detailed and more accurate than a traditional photo. Since shadows are added in the 3D program, it gives the impression that the photographer photographed the product in the studio.

The second advantage of the 3D packshot results from the way the project works. First, a 3D graphic designer creates product models. Then, high-quality textures and materials are applied to them to “liven up” the image. Thanks to this, on one 3D model, you can present any number of patterns, textures, materials without the need to produce an appropriate product or prototype.

wizualizacja produktowa 3d dębowej komody białym tle
Visualization of a wooden chest of drawers on a white background
wizualizacja produktowa 3d dębowego łóżka z materacem na białym tle
Visualization of the bed on a white background
Visualization of a table on a white background
Visualization of a table on a white background

Packshot 360

Packshot 360 is a short animation looped around the product, which can perform both a photographer and a specialist in 3D technology. First, it is necessary to complete 60 to 120 high-quality images of the product previously placed on the unique turntable in traditional photography. Then the photographer will generate images created animation, the packshot 360 °.

The process is similar to the photograph, but the image is generated virtually using the appropriate software. The work begins with creating a 3D model of a given product and giving it textures and materials to obtain a photorealistic look. The next step is to choose the proper lighting and set up virtual cameras, whose task is to take 60 or 120 “photos” of the product, i.e., photorealistic 3D images of high quality. The graphics obtained in this way make it possible to create a 3D effect that rotates around its axis, presenting the details of the article from each side.

Whether you opt for static 3D graphics or 360 ° animation, packshot 3D has many advantages that you can use for promotional, marketing, or sales purposes.

Packshot 3D: a solution for content marketing

Packshot 3D is a handy tool for people who want to promote their 3-commerce website. Product visualizations can be made, for example, in 4K resolution, thanks to which the customer can enlarge the product and appreciate all its details. In addition, from a marketing point of view, the more visualizations you present, the more your audience will become interested in your product. 3D graphics can also be a perfect complement to articles published on a blog or posts added on social media. When composing your guest post on a partner site, you can also use your visualizations.

As you probably know, blog posts play an increasingly important role in driving traffic to your website. Indeed, the Google algorithm loves new content that is enriched with an appropriate number of visual elements. In fact, the more you place an image on your site with competing keywords, the more often Google will display your domain in the search results list, allowing you to attract new audiences to your website.

Use your 3D visualizations in email marketing.

When planning to introduce a new product to the market, it is necessary to inform customers about it. A great way to do this is email marketing. So do not hesitate to plan campaigns targeted at your customers, in which, using an attractive 3D packshot, emphasizing the advantages of your product, you will inform them about the upcoming pre-sale or the current promotion. Emails enriched with photorealistic 3D graphics will allow recipients to focus on developing and appreciate all its details.

Packshot 3D: Your support on social networks

Social media is a great place to publish 3D packshots. Synthetic product images are part of the content that entices you to buy. After all, the product is presented in its original color and texture, viewed against a white background, and allows users to see its design, structure, and other details. And when packshot 3D is well-presented, you can easily share it on social media.

In furniture presentation, it is worth combining a visual lifestyle setting with a 3D packshot. In this way, atmospheric visualizations present furniture in the proper context and an attractive arrangement. At the same time, the three-dimensional packshot image allows you to visualize the features of the object without distracting the recipient. This type of approach is crucial for social media, especially Instagram. The same is true for all kinds of sales platforms.

Visual material for affiliate marketing

81% of brands use an affiliate partnership to develop their business. Affiliates are individuals or companies that help sell goods or services online for a commission. They use traditional methods such as paid advertising, content strategy, and other ways to drive traffic to the pages of their branded products. Very often, they ask their partners to provide them with materials for use. That is where packshot 3D and promotional visuals come in, as they are likely to become highly viral on the web.

Indeed, affiliates will need visual material to promote their articles. If possible, you need to provide them with the original material, as Google usually downgrades sites that contain duplicate content. The 3D trick is that by using one product model, you can create multiple visualization variations on it. By taking a slightly different approach, you will get an original visualization from Google’s point of view. Then, you can pass on to your partners to promote goods through affiliate marketing.

The 3D packshot image is helpful in e-commerce marketing, online advertising, and showing products in various sales channels. They are also much cheaper than atmospheric 3D visuals and provide enough information to make a purchase possible. If you need additional information or wonder whether 3D packshots are the right solution for you – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Tell us about your project, and we’ll do the rest.