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3D visualizations
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Double Prism

We transform your ideas and plans into unique, photorealistic 3D visualizations and inspiring 3D animations. We work with architects, interior and product designers, from concepts to creating high-quality images through the design process.


3D images will allow you to convince investors to your project or sell a new product and facilitate establishing contact with customers.

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Developer visualizations

We create architectural 3D visualizations for developersarchitectsreal estate agents, and landscape planners. We change plans and concepts into reality. In other words, our 3D visualizations allow the real estate industry to show the potential of new projects - even before digging in the first shovel.

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Interior visualizations

Working with interior designers and architects, we create professional visualizations for interiors' presentations, which can be illuminated and furnished according to individual customer specifications. 3D visualizations are a great way to present an undeveloped interior. The photorealistic image will convince your clients to implement the project or purchase the assortment.

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Visualizations for producers

Producing a product prototype is expensive and time-consuming. If we add the implementation of alternative finishes, the lead time maybe even longer. Thanks to the 3D visualization of the product, you will see your project before it is made. That allows the exploration of design concepts and material variants faster, and, above all, it is much more cost-effective than the production of physical prototypes.

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Promotional 3D visualizations

We know that our clients' range deserves a spectacular presentation, which is why we present their products in stylish surroundings and using the right light. Transporting the entire product collection to a photo studio is not always feasible and profitable. Using 3D visualization, we can rearrange your products in individually arranged graphic compositions.


How are we doing?

We create photorealistic 3D visualizations and impressive 3D animations to enliven your visions in a truly unique way. We approach each project individually and comprehensively. Above all, however, we constantly adapt the message to the client who will be the graphics recipient.

We explain

Through 3D visualizations, we explain the features and benefits of an advanced design, device, or technology. Using a clear image, we help the viewer better understand the structure of the object or the versatility of the product. We eliminate guesses that may hinder your cooperation with the client.

We find

There is no better way to impress customers and convince them of your services or products than photorealistic presentations. 3D visualizations reduce uncertainty, and most importantly, dispel any doubts about the design or development that your clients or investors may have.

We increase profits

Presenting a product or idea with an image's help can increase the success rate by 35%. Thanks to 3D visualizations, you'll see higher acceptance rates for your projects, improved sales meeting efficiency, and thus faster sales closing and improved business results.

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Latest projects

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Architectural visualization of a housing estate
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Promotional visualization


Thank you for considering contacting us and entrusting us with your idea. You can be sure that we will treat your project with care and professionalism!

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